Encaustic Resource information

Information I have found useful in my research of the medium of encaustics. 
An Artists handbook   author Margaret Manning Krug 
Formulas for Painters Robert Massey
The Art of encaustic painting  Joanne Mattera
Encaustic Art  Michael Bossom
Encaustic Workshop: Artistic Techniques for working with wax  Patricia B. Seggebruch
http://www.monalisa-artmat.com/encaustic.htm for a FREE  link to your art website contact this site with your url address.  
Here is a list of the materials I have purchased and the approximate cost.
I purchased a travel iron $8.00, electric griddle  $15.00 at the salvation army.  I already had a crockpot, a large block of wax and oil paints. I purchased damar resin crystals at the art store for $10.59. substrates vary according to type and cost. One that I found that is reasonable and a relatively new media is magnesiacore http://www.magnesiacore.com/ a construction material that can be painted on in encaustic, watercolor, acrylic and oil. One all purpose substrate.  I purchased a soldering iron for $27.00 approx (too hot needed to buy a encaustic stylus instead) and a heat gun with a digital heat control for $89.00 at canadian tire. The name of the game is controlling your heating source. I took a trip up island to leapenhi paper and design in Courtenay BC canada and found a great selection of encaustic wax and supplies developed by Michael Bossom. I purchased the stylus for $62.95 and the 16 wax starter pkg for $29.95. The ladies running the store were wonderful and very helpful. The total costs were approximately $217.00. I am starting my owl project tommorrow and will post more info and pics.

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