My Art philosophy 101

As an artist in the age of technology and digital media it is difficult to stay on the path of the masters. How temptingly easy it is to transfer an image & paint something that sells easily and inexpensively. Artists have entered the era of the fast and easy digitalized mcdonalds of painting. I have chosen to make my own art supplies as much as possible and this year I am dedicating myself to painting for the sake of art and beauty alone.  I  have been caught up over the past month in the digitalized art era and I confess with it becoming stressed. I have come to the conclusion that I am going to return to working towards artistic goals only —-focusing my talents and skill on pieces that I will be proud of. An artist most difficult task is marketing their work. I have also discovered that rendering representational artworks in encaustic paint is by far the most challenging medium I have attempted to date. I will be posting my successes and failures as I proceed. The fireplace surround is nearing completion and I am excited about seeing the finished stain glass window project early next week.
An Italian female artist and inspiration to woman artists :

A painting by Artemisia

BE brave – draw.
These are the main areas I am developing my artistic skill this year:
1. representational / figurative drawing
2. composition (mathematical /geometric)
3. color theory
1. Anatomy
2. 3d composition
3. Pictoral figurative Relief  
2010 Mediums
Encaustic representational, carved porcelain
Challenge/Goal 2010:
Learn Carved porcelain
study the masters – Artemisia


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