Juried Art show – The process – Sidney Fine Arts

I recently submitted 3 pieces of Art to the Sidney fine art show in Sidney BC Canada. I am impressed and amazed at the organization and professionalism that was so evident in every aspect of its delivery. First of all because of the large number of artists that submit works for adjudication it was necessary to apply within a timeframe on a first come first serve basis. Artists dropped off artwork for adjudication on sept12th with the jurors viewing the work the 13th and 14th. We picked up our artwork on the 15th and to my utter surprise was emailed the next day (16th) with the results (accepted or not accepted). The Sidney Fine arts committee went above and beyond to deliver results so quickly to over 500 artists with over 1200 pieces of art adjudicated in that time period. What I am really excited about is the website and its informative structure. Not only does it cover necessary information but lets the artist know the complete process step by step. I did not know how artwork was juried but I was elated to find out about the entire process through the sidney fine arts website.  If you are thinking of submitting work I highly recommend artists compete in juried art shows. They force you to go further with your art than you would of thought possible regardless of the outcome of the results.


Adjudication for the 2010 Sidney Fine Art Show is now complete. On Sunday, September 12th all the entered work was received at the Mary Winspear Centre, and set up in numerical order for the following two days of jurying.

Brent LJean PAndy WOn the Monday, our three Jurors, returning juror Brent Lynch, Jean Pederson and Andy Wooldridge each individually looked at every piece and scored it on a 1- 5 scale, based on excellence, creativity, originality and technical achievement with an emphasis on artistic accomplishment. During the day, the individual scores were entered into our trusty computer.
ComputerAt the end of the day scores were totaled and ranked by overall score and variation in scores. This gave a clear view of what was definitely to be accepted or not accepted, with a small number of pieces to be reviewed again.
Jurors1Jurors2On the next day, the jurors as a group reviewed that small number of pieces to make their final selection. After that, they reviewed potential prize candidates and decided on the prizewinners. Then, on Wednesday, all the artwork was picked up by the artists.

Our jurors were stimulated by the quality and diversity of the work, and, to quote Andy Wooldridge, “gobsmacked” by the organization of the adjudication process.

In total, 512 artists submitted over 1,200 pieces of art, and the jurors selected the best 388 pieces, representing the work of 246 artists, for the Show.

Members of the Show committee will be meeting on Thursday, September 16th to do a final review of the results and check the information that will be contained in the accepted artists’ packages. After that meeting, on the same day, we will be sending email notifications to all artists who indicated their willingness to be notified in that way – which is almost all of them. The notification will advise artists either i) that one or more of their pieces was accepted or ii) that none of their pieces were accepted.


2 comments on “Juried Art show – The process – Sidney Fine Arts

  1. Awesome website, I had not noticed pistrucciartworks.wordpress.com earlier during my searches!
    Carry on the superb work!

    • Pistrucci says:

      Thankyou for your comment it is great to know sharing the information I find and learn is appreciated. I will definitely keep up my work!

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