Sketchbook Project 2011

Here is my completed book for the sketchbook project to tour the U.S. in some major cities. I titled my Sketchbook ‘ Figuratively Speaking’. You can view online at arthouse coop as a digitized version here:

Last but not least – ‘Be You’, ‘Play’, ‘When I grow up I want to be a superhero’, and ‘Write Love notes in the sand’.  Finally my sketchbook project is completed. I can now move onto other projects and my Art tile. I will be publishing my relief tile projects over the next few weeks and sketches before I start the sculptural relief work. Here is the Back and front cover from my painting ‘Carried Away’

 My latest sketches for ‘Sketchbook project *figuring you out*…..  – The Masks we wear,  Need to be re’ Tire‘ d, Dance with me , Write on Walls and Wabi Sabi – Find beauty in imperfection.

Attempting this project has opened my eyes to the desire of artists to better themselves with every work, every sculpture, every painting. I firmly believe that artists should actively work in the three major artistic areas – DRAW, PAINT, SCULPT.  My drawing has gotten worse, gotten better, improved and gotten worse. where it is now ? it doesn’t matter – what matters is that I continue just for the sake of creating, learning what I have to contribute to art. Here is my sketch for today– for better or worse.

Jump up and down!!

JUMP up and down!!

I have to admit this sketchbook project is alot of work – but I also recognize that my drawing is getting better and faster. I do not draw enough and thus the reason for taking on this project—to coerce myself into drawing. It is working so well worth the effort. For anyone wanting to improve their drawing skills I recommend registering for next year.  Just a piece of advice from my experiences register early. I have less than a month to complete these drawings and although I have not started panicking quite yet I have come to the conclusion december is not the best month to add extra pressure.   And I know I work best under pressure but my drawings may have been better if I had more than one day to complete each one. Who knows? Next year for certain I will be starting earlier.

Here is my sketch for As my book will be on tour in some of the major cities in the U.S. I decided to complete a sketch that will tell everyone that views the sketchbook that they are beautiful. I added the url for the site after I took the picture. It has now been sent to the Brooklyn Arthouse Coop Library.

'Know...You are Beautiful'

How are you feeling today??

****Cough**Cough***Negativity is Hazourdous to your SOUL!!
I guess I have to start sometime…My first drawing in my sketchbook. I have designed and pulled it apart.

' I guess I have to start sometime'

Here is a picture of the ‘dummy’ model for the cover

I am so excited I received my Sketchbook in the mail from the sketchbook project.  But here’s the thing the sketchbook is 5.5″ x 8.5″  and MUST stay that size and it has a sticky barcode on the back that cannot be altered or obviously removed. The rules are written out for you and for those of us like me who want to alter the book COMPLETELY I guess I better check out the web page for more instructions BEFORE I start my project.
In the picture is:1. A sketch for an oil painting I am working on
2. My sketchbook from the sketchbook Project
3. Information sheet with the rules ( which are easy to follow but I am already suffering from creative anxiety of how to alter it without altering it).
4. MY VERY OWN Boston library card!!!!
I have some ideas written out for my sketchbook ( I could not sleep last night until I had formulated my plan of attack).  Next I am going to the library to find out from the librarians how they prepare and laminate their book covers.  My theme is ‘ figuring you out’ . I like it already.
somedays you just want to be invisible
A collage from my drawingsAbraq Ad Habra ” I create what I speak’  –a collage from my drawings

First Day

Imaginary Lines: ‘The glass ceiling’

Cut on dotted line

Glassine  over page with handwritten text