Mom’s Handbuilt Sauerkraut Crock

Start of relief Well my Mom needed a birthday gift for my dad and as his birthday loomed she had no idea what to get him.

Anything feminine like a romantic getaway would of made him the laughing stock at work – did I mention he is a redneck heavy duty mechanic from northern BC? For instance  he would never admit during work hours  that he likes hawaiin pizza or correction should I say  ‘girlie pizza’  but orders ‘MEATLOVERS’ instead —satisfying the over abundant male testosterone that he works with everyday. Mom on the other hand is a hopeless romantic. When it comes to his birthday she thinks of dinner parties with discussions of art, wine, the scent of fresh flowers filling the air– I digress. Well he is also a health fanatic and has been spending hours watching ‘ How to make sauerkraut’ on youtube of late.
Fantastic !!
Besides the fact that after watching about 26 video’s on the subject – I think we have it pretty much figured out… So we decided to make him a handbuilt sauerkraut crock. Because sauerkraut apparently is an almost perfect food, it’s raw, it harmonizes the digestive system with much needed probiotics –I have been informed.

In Progress start of relief

The pot is in progress with the relief started and is 12″ high and approximately 9 1/2″ wide. Still need to make the lid. I think I better get him a card too and yeah maybe add a  jackhammer.

Grapevine relief

And just for your added viewing pleasure here is his favourite sauerkraut youtube video: How to make homestead sauerkraut in Alaska….

Garth's Sauerkraut Pot

Garth's Sauerkraut Pot- P.S Dad loves it


8 comments on “Mom’s Handbuilt Sauerkraut Crock

  1. Cazz says:

    Looking forward to seeing the finished crock.
    I’ve recently got into pottery and have started reading loads of pottery blogs. I love your work with paperclay. Although that’s not what really inspired this comment. I loved the youtube video and I love Sauerkraut, so I watched a few more Sauerkraut making videos and I now have a jar of fermenting Sauerkraut sitting in my kitchen. So thank you for reminding me of my love of Sauerkraut and for showing me how easy it is to make through video sharing.

    • Pistrucci says:

      Hi!! thankyou for the wonderful message. It is so great that you have started pottery it is such an amazing art form. I hope you love clay as much as I do. One thing you will discover will be how much you can do with clay – it is a truly fascinating medium to work with. I have posted the finished crock for you. Make sure you sign up for – a very informative and inspirational source for clay enthusiasts.

  2. Cazz says:

    Love the finished crock. The grape vine detail is gorgeous. Has hubby used it yet?
    I signed up for ceramicsartdaily a few weeks ago, it is so useful and inspiring. Love the video about making tripod vessels.

    • Pistrucci says:

      Hi! yes it is finished and he will be christening it on his next days off (this week) yay! I am looking forward to the fresh homemade sauerkraut and his buddies at work believe it or not have already planned a lunch. & one of his co-workers is bringing his homemade moosemeat sausage once the sauerkraut is ready to eat! keep up the great work and let me know how your sauerkraut turns out!

  3. Sylvia says:

    how is the sauerkraut coming along?Did you bottle it?

  4. td287 says:

    Hi, I’m more interested in how you made the pot than you make sauerkraut. It’s gorgeous. Any photo-documentation of your process from the earlier stages?

    • Pistrucci says:

      hello! The sauerkraut crock was built up in coils. Just a simple handbuilt coil pot. The lid was a round slab and a long thin slab to make a fitted lid. I did take more pictures but I honestly do not know where they might be. If I find them I will post them!

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