Awesome Horse studio video discussion on Artistic style & Copyrights

Sharing artistic processes on the internet is an excellent way for artists to discover Style, color, techniques, themes and media. Today more than any other generation an artist at the click of a button can have the solution, an artistic formula or method to any problem that they are experiencing in their art.  AND the internet is full of images and inspiration that will fast forward the creative juices to infinity. In no other time have artists been so gifted with knowledge, experience and teaching from others— around the globe. The internet is also an amazing source for marketing locally, nationally and internationally – need I say more? A plethora of competitions, galleries and collectors waiting with open arms to welcome artists of every genre, medium and style.

I love  social media YOUTUBE, WORDPRESS ,FACEBOOK,EBAY, ETSY the list goes on and on and on – it is a digital simulated visual source of art and inspiration. An alliance of artists, computer science and the public. They need us and we need them. Embrace the computer. Embrace the artistic freedom. Embrace the vision.

Awesome Horse Studios

Here is a link to a site that gives art critiques, process and inspiration You can learn via livestreaming with 4 talented illustration artists. Drawing is the backbone of all art and from here or other notable art sharing sites you can find many more such as :

Free art downloads ie. Andrew loomis rare out of print books  –

I particularly enjoyed the video discussion on copyrights and artistic style by awesome horse studio- my personal view on copyrights is that artists should take inspiration from any means and anywhere. Nature, photographs, buildings, architecture, people, literature & yes other artists [that’s right I said it] Learn to share people— You learned from an artist – pass it on. And really…. anyone who ‘ knows’ an artist KNOWS You can take 2 artists and give them the exact same medium, visual resource and tools and you will get wthout a doubt a minimum of 5 different interpretions.
There is some truth to this quote

“Good artists copy -great artists steal” Pablo Picasso.

I prefer to see the term ‘steal’ as taking something and infusing it with your own vision and style. As an artist it is paramount that we are not paralyzed by our own misguided knowledge of the laws interpretations of copyrights. In Europe they understand artists and give them free license to create. In North America artists are hogtied by the legal system on a never ending spiral of trying to create something ‘ new’.  Well I have searched –there is nothing ‘new’ under the sun. Just be you. Use your talent as creatively as you possibley can. I have learned that one day your hard work will pay off and you will begin to find that voice and it will get louder and louder and more creative with every passing day.

Once your techniques are refined and your medium is known to you like the pages in a well worn book you will no longer copy – NOW you will omit and add to find your own style.

Beautiful worn aged Books image


Maybe just maybe I might just do one of these? Owls are popular ……..”Hibou et Visage,” 1958, Pablo Picasso.