Life Drawing – The Challenge

Pistrucci sept2012 Coast Collective

Yes, I can draw, I can paint and I can sculpt. But in saying that I avoid life drawing like the plague. why? you ask..because I have to show up to it. I have to go somewhere and sit in front of a nude person. Peeking out from my paper only when necessary. I admit it – I’m uncomfortable with the nudity in life drawing – I feel like a peeping tom – seriously am I going to hell for this?  Unfortunately two circles, two dots and a smiley face just doesn’t cut it anymore.  So in the spirit of open minded abandon I decided to join some of my artist friends for life drawing – Lucky for me because I received the best piece of advice from fellow artist Ann Jarvis– ‘ spend more time looking at the model than at your paper’ .  If you look at your paper and only glance at the model you have to rely completely on memory and your imagination –  reference by observation of the model is how to draw what you ‘see’.

Observe and draw, repeat.
So, Finally I bit the bullet and went to an intensive 5 full days of life drawing

Working together and sharing creative ideas is an excellent way to expand as an artist but rarely do we actually get the opportunity to get out of the studio. Artists are usually found under rocks or in solitary confinement .

I learned to love to draw again because I was inspired by these amazing artists and their love for art and drawing. At the end of the week I was given a book by Sharron ‘The natural way to draw’ by Nicolaides.  My Plan is to complete the excercises in his book over the next several months and to write a blog on my progress.

Below: Whiskey Point Life drawing August 2012



I was definitely humbled by the overwhelming artistic talent in the room.  Ann, Kay and Sharron make it look all too easy.  I learned so much from these artists and I know I need to keep drawing. It is far to easy to rely on techniques and mediums that you have mastered but it is very important for an artist to continue in all the disciplines – Painting, Drawing and sculpture.  I also realized in order to get better you have to challenge yourself and do the very things you need to work on. It is not a sign of weakness not to do something well– it is a sign of weakness NOT to work towards accomplishing it. Life drawing is not for the faint of heart it is for those who want to become professional artists. Challenge yourself – According to Nicolaides = the drawings are not  the important part, they are only excercises- it is the training ground to become an artist. That said one of my goals for this coming year : concentrate on life drawing,

OBSERVE, Draw, Repeat…

January2013 -Update : Currently attending several life drawing sessions at coast collective wednesday afternoons 12:30 -3:30 and at Xchanges on wednesday mornings 10-12. I have also attended Uvic 10-1:00, Goward House tuesday afternoons from 1-4pm and Sundays from 12:30-2:30 at Victoria College of Art 1625 Bank st. Xchanges has a Monday evening life drawing session as well. Wednesday mornings there is another life drawing session at Fisgard st. I highly recommend attending a life drawing session and if you are interested other fellow artists will most likely know where to go and when. WARNING — Life drawing is addictive

Life Drawing November2012 –