Campfire Drawing – CathARTic

Writing love notes in the Sand

The family and I went on a camping trip – which is really not that interesting.. but… the reason I am writing this post is because it is an awesome opportunity to learn to draw…. Campfires make charcoal and charcoal plus paper is a great way to learn to draw .
P.S. Parents, This  also keeps the kids occupied while you are manning the CAMPFIRE.

Jordan is 7 and it was an opportunity to teach him how to be resourceful and make art with the things you have at hand. It was also fun to create the drawings and then toss them nonchalantly into the fire and watch them burn. Which seemed cathARTic in a healthy sorta way – you didn’t get attached to your drawings or hung up on how they looked  — you were just drawing and burning. A similiar feeling to burning your books at the end of the school year…I think they just drew pictures so they could watch them burn – I was either creating an artist or a pyromaniac – not too sure yet.

It performed just like a blackboard because the charcoal we made was so soft it didn’t stick to the paper. You could rub it off and start with a new drawing – no eraser needed. It was messy and black which just made it way more fun. Then of course we drew in the sand at the beach and sculpted sandcastles – Altogether I think we learned alot about the real nature of art…. creating ..just creating… no purpose…not for sale…no skill involved…just for fun.

2minute Campfire Drawing


One comment on “Campfire Drawing – CathARTic

  1. kartwheels says:

    I love it! What a wonderful, tactile experience in art and nature, not to mention fantastic family time. We live in the Sequoia National Forest and are always looking to create art out of anything available. If you have the time or interest, please check out my blog of kid’s projects/activities etc. and look for the pine needle paintbrushes 🙂 Take good care and I will be following to see what you’re up to!

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