Figure Drawing & Chalkboard paint

I have been going to figure drawing every friday for the past month or so.. It is always a hassle carrying in my multitude of art supplies. Not to mention hazardous with my hot tim horton’s coffee and other paraphenalia that I think I will need.  So I decided to make my life easier and only take what I absolutely needed with me today plus my newly chalkboard painted drawing board – I am tired of newsprint.

This works great for focusing on lights and darks – no wasted paper. No filling the  recycle bin with newsprint. So here is 2 quick examples of 10 second drawings – white on black and black on white -completed with some white chalk and a wet rag – no more black chalk all over my hands. This doubles on the backside as a drawing board with jumbo clips and drawing paper.

The chalkboard worked great for short poses 1min & 2min. I am definitely going to keep practicing drawing on my chalkboard. I think the experiment was extremely successful.

The only exception or drawback is you are unable to keep your work burt you could take a digital photograph if a drawing really caught your attention and you wanted to reference it later.

Chalkboard paint recipe:
1 cup paint any color

2 tbsp unsanded tile grout

Mix together and apply with a soft bristle brush in smooth strokes. I added texture to the surface thinking it would be interesting but it didn’t give me the results I was looking for. I am going to paint the other side with white chalkboard paint and use the charcoal – stay tuned for results next week.


Lover’s Bridge

I was honoured to be asked to sculpt this couples beautiful Love Story. Reunited many years after highschool, and seperated by distance and circumstances they proved that love truly endures. Here is their story….Lover's Bridge

Lover’s Bridge

Pistrucci Artists

I have spent the past few years interested in my artistic heritage. My research has found that many of my family have been accomplished artists. Several artists (great,  great aunts) Maria Elise Pistrucci and Elena Pistrucci were known to be artists but I had a curiosity to know what their artwork actually looked like. According to my mother her aunts Rose, lily, Myrtle, Violet, and Daisy were all accomplished painters – specifically china painting. This was of course a given as E.J Cobbett their grandfather taught them to paint along with my grandfather who happily shared his knowledge with me. Together ,We would with crayon in hand, learn to draw trees. I still had to know the art of my Pistrucci Aunts Maria Elise and Elena and to my surprise I found their art on the internet (thank goodness for technology) AND it was posted on the site of the Metropolitan Museum of Art!  What did you know they were sculptors -wow. I am elated to find their work…. Thankyou Metropolitan Museum of ART!!

Cameo by Elena Pistrucci

Head of Hercules by Maria Elise Pistrucci / Portrait of Benedetto Pistrucci by Maria Elise Pistrucci ( Her father)

Next I have to find Scipione Pistrucci, Philippe Pistrucci and Camillo Pistrucci’s work…

My tree today: