Pistrucci Artists

I have spent the past few years interested in my artistic heritage. My research has found that many of my family have been accomplished artists. Several artists (great,  great aunts) Maria Elise Pistrucci and Elena Pistrucci were known to be artists but I had a curiosity to know what their artwork actually looked like. According to my mother her aunts Rose, lily, Myrtle, Violet, and Daisy were all accomplished painters – specifically china painting. This was of course a given as E.J Cobbett their grandfather taught them to paint along with my grandfather who happily shared his knowledge with me. Together ,We would with crayon in hand, learn to draw trees. I still had to know the art of my Pistrucci Aunts Maria Elise and Elena and to my surprise I found their art on the internet (thank goodness for technology) AND it was posted on the site of the Metropolitan Museum of Art!  What did you know they were sculptors -wow. I am elated to find their work…. Thankyou Metropolitan Museum of ART!!

Cameo by Elena Pistrucci

Head of Hercules by Maria Elise Pistrucci / Portrait of Benedetto Pistrucci by Maria Elise Pistrucci ( Her father)

Next I have to find Scipione Pistrucci, Philippe Pistrucci and Camillo Pistrucci’s work…

My tree today:


9 comments on “Pistrucci Artists

  1. Helen Marton says:

    I am researching our family tree and find that Benedetto Mirogli Pistrucci, apparently left his wife and Italian family to live in England with Hannah Crowley. By whom he had another son, Benvenuto Benedetto Pistrucci. This son moved to Australia with his Irish wife, Catherine Elizabeth Twomey. They had 5 daughters one of whom is my great-grandmother. We have no cameo makers but many artists (in wood, textiles, clay, photography, leadlight) and musicians over the generations.

    • Pistrucci says:

      Hi Helen,
      There is an interesting autobiography of Benedetto Pistrucci in the book ‘The Science of Gems, Jewels, Coins and Medals, Ancient and Modern’
      By Archibald Billing see pages 136-211.
      I am unfamiliar with the Benvenuto line but I know there are several descendents of Benvenuto in Australia also researching your line – my email is pistrucciartworks@gmail.com if you send me your email I will pass along your information so that you can get in touch with them.
      all the best on your research!
      Here is the link to the ebook:

      • Sue Lucas says:

        I have the family copy of the Book of Gems – it has been with us for generations !

        Sue Lucas

      • Pistrucci says:

        Hi Sue, I would love to share the information that I have found so far. Please email me at pistrucciartworks@gmail.com and i will do my best to give you the information I have acquired regarding the pistrucci history. Although it sounds as if you have done quite a bit of research yourself and might have some information to share with me!
        cheers! A

      • Helen Marton says:

        I too have a copy of that book. The info I have is Antionia GRECO married Frederico PISTRUCCI (he was a High criminal court judge in Rome) Phiip was the eldest son then Benedetto Mirogli , born Rome – died London, and a third son (I have no name for him).
        Benedetto married Barbara FOLCHI in 1802 and they had 6 children – Victoria, Vincenzio, a male who died young, Camillo, Elena 1822-1886 and lastly Maria Elisa 1824-1881. Both the youngest became cameo engravers as well.
        Benedetto PISTRUCCI moved to EngIand and with his second partner (believed to NOT have married) Hannah CROLEY had a son, Benvenuto Benedetto 1838, London – 1926, Victoria, Australia.
        Benvenuto married Mary GORMAN and had at least 3 children, Ben, Tom and Sarah Catherine.
        His second wife (who brought a daughter, Maggie, from a previous marriage) was Catherine TWOMEY born Ireland 1838 and died London. This marriage produced 5 female children. Mary Winifred (Polly), Catherine (Kate), Annie , Helene (Lena), Elizabeth.
        in 1895 Annie PISTRUCCI,1872 – 1927 married Thomas William Herbert CHILTON 1871 -1927 and produced 3 children. William Herbert (Bert) 1896 – 1968, Annie Elizabeth Irene (Rene), 1899 – 1980 and Kathleen Unita May (Nita), 1902 – 1995.

        Rene was my grandmother.

        Does this tie in with what you know?

      • Pistrucci says:

        Hi Helen! Great to hear from you again – Hope all is well in Australia – and to add to your comment this is what my genealogist found out for me:
        Third son is actually a daughter who died at about 20 years old (she had a son). Her name is Catherine.
        Also Edward John Cobbett the painter Father Edward Cobbett was an engraver/sculptor as well.
        Cheers! Angela

  2. Sue Lucas says:

    Who are you ?
    My grandmother was Myrtle James nee Cobbett and her mother was Marietta Pistrucci . The great aunts were Marietta auntie Dickie, Daisy, Rose, Violet and Myrtle being the youngest .
    My daughter , Dominique happens to be an engraver , silversmith, portrait sculptor and fine jewellery designer and she studied in Florence and London . We believe we come from the line of Philip / Fillipo directly . it is also strange that Dominique studied at Kings and UCL and the Metropolitan in London where Philip was literary professor .

    It would be nice to know a bit more of who you are and what details you have of our family ancestors !

    Best wishes
    Sue Lucas

  3. Lucia Pirzio Biroli Stefanelli says:

    Dear all,
    I’m an italian scholar. I have written several books and papers about Benedetto, his art and his italian family, where you can find more about the family. I’m at the moment writing an addenda to my 1989 book with many new documents. I’ll like very much ti know if Angela is descending from Benedetto or Filippo
    best wishes
    Lucia Pirzio Biroli Stefanelli, Rome, Italy

  4. Helen Marton says:

    Hello Lucia,
    It is nice to hear research is ongoing.
    Unfortunately we can be of no help as our branch of the family comes from Benedetto Mirogli’s second family with Hannah Croley His son, Benvenuto Benedetto born London 1838 died Victoria, Australia 1926
    Helen Marton.
    Sydney, Australia

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