Figure Drawing & Chalkboard paint

I have been going to figure drawing every friday for the past month or so.. It is always a hassle carrying in my multitude of art supplies. Not to mention hazardous with my hot tim horton’s coffee and other paraphenalia that I think I will need.  So I decided to make my life easier and only take what I absolutely needed with me today plus my newly chalkboard painted drawing board – I am tired of newsprint.

This works great for focusing on lights and darks – no wasted paper. No filling the  recycle bin with newsprint. So here is 2 quick examples of 10 second drawings – white on black and black on white -completed with some white chalk and a wet rag – no more black chalk all over my hands. This doubles on the backside as a drawing board with jumbo clips and drawing paper.

The chalkboard worked great for short poses 1min & 2min. I am definitely going to keep practicing drawing on my chalkboard. I think the experiment was extremely successful.

The only exception or drawback is you are unable to keep your work burt you could take a digital photograph if a drawing really caught your attention and you wanted to reference it later.

Chalkboard paint recipe:
1 cup paint any color

2 tbsp unsanded tile grout

Mix together and apply with a soft bristle brush in smooth strokes. I added texture to the surface thinking it would be interesting but it didn’t give me the results I was looking for. I am going to paint the other side with white chalkboard paint and use the charcoal – stay tuned for results next week.


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