Buying Local / Farrell Photography

Has anyone got the ‘Craft Bug’ yet? You know when the craft fairs are everywhere and you are very curious to find those treasures that the very imaginative and creative people come up with. If you are an artist you may have  “I can make that myself but never do syndrome”. Well, I have finally decided I cannot make everything and every craft is expensive to even try to collect all of the tools, materials, mediums and equipment required. SO buy it from someone who has invested their time, money and skill to creating special items that you can give as gifts- trust me your family and friends will cherish that handmade item more than you will ever realize.  I am a huge supporter of buy local food, produce, meat, poultry, crafts, clothing, art and crafts. Hire local craftsman and support your community.

December is Craft fair season – I challenge you to attend your local craft fairs and see the amazing work produced by the very creative and imaginative members of your community. I guarantee you will be spoiled, inspired and amazed at the talent on display.

One of my favourite photographers:



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