Custom Designed Fireplace Merging Indian Art in a Heritage Home

Pistrucci 020

A local Professor of Indian culture studies commissioned my work recently. The couple own a beautiful heritage home that they were currently renovating and updating to display artwork that had been collected on their travels to India and abroad.  The artwork was bold, colorful and embedded with intricate design patterns.  Pistrucci Artworks job was to design, sculpt and complete the tile work for the fireplace. The fireplace was brick work that was old and had been resurfaced with many layers of paint. The fireplace looked tired and grumpy and definitely needed a new facelift.  Because of the brickwork and laymens attempts at refinishing we hired a professional Carpenter Mike Read to ensure that the finished project would go smoothly. Thankyou Mike for your expertise we could not of done it without you.  I highly recommend hiring a seasoned professional  carpenter because they know how to avoid or fix problems saving money and time. Mike was able to correct the surface problems, assisting us in project design for installation and created a beautiful overall finish.




Before Photo:

Design Sketches:

Original sketch of design draft

Alternate design showing clients artworks

Working on the design

Sculpted Tile Trim:

Sculpture of trim for around fireplace insert


Installation of Architectural ceramic tile

Closeup from above and hearth tile

Side view

Ready for grout

After Photo

Artwork completed by Pistrucci Artworks & Installation by : Mike Read


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