Coast Collective Art Classes :Sculpture

Structure of the Head in Clay – Beginners

Sculpture 'Elle'
Instructor: Angela Pistrucci Date: Feb 22, 23 & 24 Time: Fri, Sat & Sun, 10 – 4 pm Cost: $225

Class Code: 0213-AP-MMW Registration Deadline: Feb 15

Coast Collective
3221 Heatherbell Road
Victoria, BC
V9C 1Y8
Ph: 250.391.5522

Learn the basic structure of sculpting the head in clay.  This is an excellent course for those who want to attempt a different art form  or practice 3d. Sculpture of the head is also an excellent technique to build  on drawing skills. In the workshop we will: Build an armature using 2 methods,  cone and dowel board. Golden mean and Facial proportions and beginner  sculptural methods for building the skull, Eyes, mouth, nose and ears.

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