Art Classes at Coast Collective

Making your own art supplies: Experimenting with Paperclay  & Molding Mediums

projects2011 194
Instructor: Angela Pistrucci Date: Jan 26 Time: Saturday, 10 – 4 pm  Cost: $105

Class Code: 0113-AP-MMW Registration Deadline: Jan 18
Coast Collective
3221 Heatherbell Road
Victoria, BC
V9C 1Y8
Ph: 250.391.5522

Art supplies can be expensive.  In this course you will learn how to make art supplies out of inexpensive  materials found in your cupboards. Easy methods to create mediums that will add  dimension and texture to art forms. We will cover many recipes such as any  color chalkboard paint, recipes for encaustic, paperclay and molding paste (  many other recipes and painting mediums to be available to the class- bring  binder). In this course we will create poly fresco painting and airdry  paperclay for relief. The technical applications for specific projects and  material selection for specific art projects will also be discussed. If you are  itching to add dimension to your artwork or practice with texture and dimension  this is the course for you.


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