Relief for Elegant Earth Glass inlay Project

Lily Pad runnerPistrucci Artworks is currently working on and experimenting with Glass inlay onto relief tiles. Some of the Relief work and a few tests have been completed. Here is the preliminary sketches, relief models and tests for Elegant Earth.

544081_10151338063247163_1129040722_n 521850_10151338036392163_1226074588_n 644582_10151338065637163_311416562_n 12030_10151338436522163_1531351971_n 556017_10151338071922163_714453537_n 921773_10151338432302163_302509515_o 914109_10151338079362163_418699293_o 904861_10151338029172163_2033248756_oCherryblossomTree




VinesLeft&Right ThreeCherryBlossoms

Glass / Relief test:






2 comments on “Relief for Elegant Earth Glass inlay Project

  1. This is really beautiful work. I look forward to seeing how it progresses. I am very impressed with how delicate the working is.

    • Pistrucci says:

      Thankyou , for the wonderful compliment – we are also very excited about the new tile line and inlayed glass project. We have some great ideas for other
      tiles and glass that will be coming soon. Pistrucci Team

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