Life Drawing – Male figure



Female Profile – life drawing 10 mins.






Elin Borg

I am in love with Kintsukuroi. It means “To repair with gold”. It´s the Japanese art of repairing pottery with gold or silver lacquer and understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken.

I love the symbolism of this form of art. It symbolize love at the same time as you get able to think how you are. How is life? You´re interesting if you are damaged, more beautiful if you accept and perform your weakness and let it heal, in this time with gold. It complete you. From where do you get that love that heals you with gold and silver? That love that´s make you beautiful. A broken life is worth repairing. A broken ceramic bowl too. Being you is what makes you beautiful.


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Experimental Painting

What exactly is experimental painting? 

Experimental Painting investigates exploratory methodologies, techniques and approaches in mixed-media art

From my understanding it is the process and technique of mixed media, blending texture, relief and painting mediums. Did I mention I have been SO EXCITED about experimental painting – they even have a membership :

What I am mostly inspired by is that experimental painting is relief, painting and drawing combined or any combination of visual art and mediums combined. oh the possibilities!!  For years I have been on a mission to paint, draw and sculpt to develop all of the disciplines artistically and technically. Experimental painting is a method to work encompassing everything I love about art in one work of art. WOW.

I decided to complete an experimental painting for my Making Your own Art Supplies class that incorporated a drawing by hand – a collage – bas relief cameo from paperclay ( my own sculpture /press molded) and hand sculpted relief – layers of acrylic paint and polymer mediums for depth as well as a molding medium I developed -recipe below.
[ If your working large and want to experiment before buying expensive mediums use 2parts white paint, 2 parts glue or acrylic gel, 10 parts poly filla – takes impressions and drawings very well]. Prime the board or substrate back and front before applying molding mediums.

The Prayer: A work IN Progress –

Homemade craft foam stamp

Homemade craft foam stamp

Sculpted relief design

Sculpted relief design

The Prayer - technique & process

The Prayer – technique & process- still on the easel

Drawing, relief, cameo

Drawing, relief, cameo -prior to oil painting and finishing work

Here are some links to videos and I would also recommend the book by Lisa Cyr – Experimental Painting

Here is the link to buy the book- ( yes it is a must for every art library)