Experimental Painting

What exactly is experimental painting? 

Experimental Painting investigates exploratory methodologies, techniques and approaches in mixed-media art

From my understanding it is the process and technique of mixed media, blending texture, relief and painting mediums. Did I mention I have been SO EXCITED about experimental painting – they even have a membership :


What I am mostly inspired by is that experimental painting is relief, painting and drawing combined or any combination of visual art and mediums combined. oh the possibilities!!  For years I have been on a mission to paint, draw and sculpt to develop all of the disciplines artistically and technically. Experimental painting is a method to work encompassing everything I love about art in one work of art. WOW.

I decided to complete an experimental painting for my Making Your own Art Supplies class that incorporated a drawing by hand – a collage – bas relief cameo from paperclay ( my own sculpture /press molded) and hand sculpted relief – layers of acrylic paint and polymer mediums for depth as well as a molding medium I developed -recipe below.
[ If your working large and want to experiment before buying expensive mediums use 2parts white paint, 2 parts glue or acrylic gel, 10 parts poly filla – takes impressions and drawings very well]. Prime the board or substrate back and front before applying molding mediums.

The Prayer: A work IN Progress –

Homemade craft foam stamp

Homemade craft foam stamp

Sculpted relief design

Sculpted relief design

The Prayer - technique & process

The Prayer – technique & process- still on the easel

Drawing, relief, cameo

Drawing, relief, cameo -prior to oil painting and finishing work

Here are some links to videos and I would also recommend the book by Lisa Cyr – Experimental Painting

Here is the link to buy the book- ( yes it is a must for every art library)



3 comments on “Experimental Painting

  1. Great information, thanks for sharing. Your work is beautiful!

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