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With an international faculty of practicing artists, MISSA provides instruction and professional development through specialized courses for professional artists, teachers and serious adult students.

At the end of June and beginning of July Pistrucci Artworks will be instructing Architectural Ceramics and Relief for clay artists at MISSA – Metchosin International Summer School of Art. Annually Artists of every genre and style merge collectively to learn and  experience art and nature at Pearson College. The secluded, forested setting overlooking Pedder Bay inspires creativity and the intensive exploration of the arts. Staying in residence on campus is highly recommended.

a creative community
The peaceful yet stimulating atmosphere attracts many students and teachers to return year after year to enjoy the exchange of artistic ideas and take part in the ‘MISSA magic’!

Here ist the link for Classes, workshops and inspiration for the 29th year  http://www.missa.ca/

2 day course -Relief for Architectural Ceramics:

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