An article on DIY ART SUPPLIES – I am all about Artists helping artists and art supplies really do not have to be expensive to be of great quality. And we all love the process of creating but lets face it making art is an investment of money, time, sweat and tears that needs to be economical to be cost effective.
Art supplies are expensive and most artists purchase their materials at high retail prices. Most businesses buy wholesale or in bulk but visual artists do not have the luxury of the wholesale marketplace. Generally we find our source of materials expensive and in an art supply store that generally serves the hobbyist.

Finding ourselves in the business of art but the cost analysis often becomes paralyzing reconciling ourselves to create what we can afford.

Therefore, we need to find materials and methods to create, test, practice and experiment without these heavy costs – especially for art students.

Here is a great article that I found and thought deserved to be Re-posted. I could not of said it better myself -especially the part about Walmart – Please do not shop there.

The Orchard

So, the Carnival of Pen and Paper is an ongoing series of… well, of pen and paper articles. It’s super-nerdy, and it’s hosted by a different super-nerdy blog every month. This past month, hosted at Daydreamers Welcome, JoniB departed from the typical nerditude for her “Editor’s Pick” choice, and featured an article by Caitlin Burns called 10 Money-Saving Tips for Starving Artists.

I really enjoyed reading an article with a more accessible subject– so much, in fact, that I wanted to assemble my own version. Caitlin Burns’ article had some great ideas, but I want to elaborate some new suggestions and guidelines that incorporate this blog’s specific focus on rurality, art, and technology… and, you know the topic-drill by now. So here are my guidelines, to be customized as you see fit.

1. Don’t be picky.

I’m right there with Caitlin on this first tip: don’t ever think…

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