Metchosin International Summer School of Arts – Faculty lecture series

Don’t miss these popular presentations. Members of the MISSA 2013 faculty will discuss various aspects of their work including methodology, practice and creative process.

Your INVITED – Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts faculty will present a series of special evening programs.  Open to the public, admission is by donation. The evening will be held in the Max Bell auditorium, Mconnell theatre of Lester B. Pearson College, 650 Pearson College Drive in Metchosin at 7:30 pm.

Lecture Series 2013 – link here –

Saturday June 29, 7:30pm

Lina de Guevara – Storytelling

Cathi Jefferson – Ceramics

Gretchen Markle – Painting

Chiarina Loggia – Printmaking

Claudia Lorenz – Photography

Monday, July 1, 7:30pm

Angela Pistrucci – Ceramics

Suzanne Northcott – Painting

Heather Aston – Printmaking

Josh DeWeese – Ceramics

Tuesday, July 2, 7:30pm

Deb Schwartzkopf – Ceramics

Betsy Warland – Writing

Debra Sloan – Ceramics

Julia Lowther – Jewelry

Lana Wilson – Ceramics

Saturday, July 6, 5:00pm

Sharron Milstein – Photography, Little Lecture Theatre

Saturday, July 6, 7:30pm

Lorne Loomer – Painting

Heather Keenan – Painting

Larry Aguilar – Ceramics

Corre Alice – Painting

Sandra Dolph – Ceramics

Dale Roberts – Sculpture

Monday July 8, 7:30pm

Vincent Massey – Ceramics

Barbara Fugate – Drawing

Shannon Wardroper – Fabric

Janice Mason Steeves – Painting

Nancy Megan Corwin – Metal

Tuesday July 9, 7:30pm

Peter West Carey – Photography

Alain Costaz – Printmaking

Catherine Gill – Painting

Tony Bounsall – Mixed Media

Vince Pitelka – Ceramics

Karel Roessingh – Music

For further information please contact:   (250) 391-2420 or email

The Faculty Lecture Series are subject to change without notice.