Uniquity – The art of finding the unique YOU…

Uniquity – The art of becoming Inspirationally YOU…

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Uniquity: Discover It

(This excerpt was previously published in The Declaration of You! by Jessica Swift and Michelle Ward, copyright 2013. It is republished here courtesy of CreateMixedMedia.com and North Light Books.)


Whether you’re an artist launching a new Etsy shop or a writer looking for a full-time gig or simply a person looking for her spark, being authentic is what makes you you and what will set you apart. Some will call it “branding,” but how boring is that? (And hello, what a way to bring on a case of the “shoulds!”) Your uniquity is what makes you interesting. Your uniquity is what others will relate to. Your uniquity is what will get you the sales, the clients, or the job. Your uniquity is why people will want to work with you. Your uniquity is you; it’s why you’re awesome.

Michelle says—
“The biggest thing I learned when I pounded the pavement as an actor was, well, what made me me—my uniquity, my spark, what made me different and where I thrived. From those post-college years, I learned that I loved (and got cast!) singing loud and funny; creating new, SNL-like characters; portraying multiple roles at once; and being quirky, enthusiastic, spunky and offbeat. Once I put those pieces together, the lightbulb went off over my head, and I made sure to bring my quirky, spunky, offbeat enthusiasm into the room the first time I entered, whether it was visually with a polka-dot dress (and matching headband) or audibly with the song I sang to show that I was both funny and loud! Allowing myself to be me let me be secure with bringing myself into the room and put me at ease almost instantly.

“I’ve been able to bring that into my coaching practice and pair it with what I know makes me spark (writing, speaking, coaching, collaborating, relationship building). I’m able to see what is in line with my authenticity because I know what makes me, um, me.”

But how do you find your uniquity? Some do it by making the big, fat mistake of comparing themselves to others who are doing similar things, which essentially lets the Comparison Vampire outta the coffin.

If you’re anything like us, searching and clicking onto the websites of those who are doing what you’re doing or what you want to be doing ends up being a one-way trip to Loser Land, with stops at She’sWayMoreTalentedThanMe City, ICanNeverBeAsSuccessfulAsSheIs Town, IfShe’sAlreadyDoingItWhyShouldI County and the big continent of What’sThePointAnyway. These are not fun places to visit, and yet some of us decide to live there!

How do you get a one-way ticket back from Loser Land? You don’t need to click your heels three times. Instead, all you have to do is realize IT’S A CHOICE! You don’t have to fall into the self-comparison trap! And yes, “it’s a choice” needed to be capitalized, italicized and bolded for extra effect. We’re learning that just because other people out there create and do things that we admire intensely does not mean for one second that we shouldn’t also be making and doing things we’re proud of.

Letting yourself play the comparison game, and then letting that game stop you from creating whatever it is that you know deep down you want to create, robs those people who are out there ready to admire and adore you and your unique brilliance.

People are amazing, aren’t they? You could probably list twenty people right now who you think are just the coolest and most talented people on earth. But here’s the thing: You’re amazing, too. We’re all amazing because we’re complex, beautiful, unique and flawed human beings—all of us, just because we’re alive. We read recently that only one in every ten billion living creatures on earth is a human. Isn’t that astounding? One in ten billion! We’re quite special.

It takes practice to be kind to ourselves. We hold all kinds of rules for ourselves and ideas about how we should be, and in reality we just picked them up along the way somewhere, thinking it was “the right way to do things,” and now it’s time to let them go. We need to be kinder to ourselves and listen to our own hearts; ask ourselves, “What do I want to do?” And then do that. Not according to how anyone else thinks you should do it, but however you want to do it, in a way that makes your heart sing and skip beats and jump up and down in your throat. Because why would you even want to compare when you feel that?

That’s joy, people. Tapping into your purpose.

Our purpose as humans is to be happy and to love one another. That can only stem from first loving and valuing ourselves. And let’s face it: We all have something unique to bring to the table. Even if your style of painting or photography or dancing is similar to someone else’s (that’s why broad categories like Pop Art and Modern Dance exist), it doesn’t mean that it’s a copy. It can’t be. If you see a still life exhibit, does every bowl of fruit contain the same fruits in the same order, or is it shot or painted the same way with the same colors and the same style? Of course not. It’s impossible, really.

So let’s just do what we usually do anyway—checking out/sizing up/building up the competition—but INSTEAD use it to stop at Motivation Junction, Inspiration Land and Uniquity County. Those places are much prettier.

OK, so here’s an exercise for you. First, think of three people who are doing what you strive to do. And no, these don’t all have to be big shots like Oprah or SARK, but they can be your friend who’s such a great mom or your own mom or your first boss who pulled out all the stops to teach, support and enthuse you. Got ’em? Good. Now write down the names of those three people in the spaces at the top of the Three Greats worksheet that follows. In the rows beneath the names, write down their attributes. If it’s difficult to pick them out, ask yourself:
• What do I admire about so-and-so?
• Why do I think so-and-so is so awesome?
• If I had to write so-and-so a letter and explain why she’s so inspiring, what would I say?
• Why am I attracted to this person (why do I always read her blog/buy her art/ask her to hang out)?

Three Greats

Now, let’s sum it up. If you needed to write one sentence explaining what these three people have in common that rocks your socks right off, what would you say?

These three people rock my socks because ___________________.

Here’s where it gets scary: We’re gonna focus on why YOU’RE awesome! Step out of your own shoes and into the shoes of someone whose socks you rock right off their feet. And don’t tell us that there’s nobody whose socks you rock. We don’t buy it. Own it—it’s OK!

Write this person’s name down in the blank space at the top of the Whose Socks I Rock worksheet. If you want, get a picture of ’em and put it nearby for extra effect.

For extra, extra effect, ask ’em to fill this out for you! We know it’s super scary, but you don’t have to watch.

Can you begin to see that the three people you wrote down on the Three People worksheet are just different from you? Not better, not worse, just different and unique?

Consider that you each have an audience of people who will resonate with you, and your intention is to find those people. Look at the attributes of your three people next to what makes you unique. Spend some time seeing the lists as descriptions of completely different individuals. It’s like comparing apples and oranges!

It’s time to become the owner of those unique gems that are shining inside of you, and declare what makes you sparkle below!

Whose Socks I Rock

(This excerpt was previously published in The Declaration of You! by Jessica Swift and Michelle Ward, copyright 2013. It is republished here courtesy of CreateMixedMedia.com and North Light Books.)

Bas Relief, 3D and Experimental painting Workshops &classes by Pistrucci Artworks

Pistrucci Artworks Workshops 2014 -Bas Relief, Sculpture and mixed media for Artists

Email Angela Pistrucci if you are interested in facilitating a workshop in your area .


Current Course offerings –
Coast Collective
3221 Heatherbell Road
Victoria, BC
V9C 1Y8
Friday afternoons starting in March -“A Relief Sampler”
Contact: classes@coastcollective.ca for more information and registration or
email info@coastcollective.ca
or myself at: pistrucciartworks@gmail.com for Registration, cost, supply list and dates.

Instructor: Angela Pistrucci
Website: http;//www.pistrucciartworks.wordpress.com
Coast Collective Website: http://www.coastcollective.ca/



Pistrucci1 034

Topic(s): Sculpture /Bas Relief for Mixed Media

Bas Relief, Sculpture and mixed media for Artists

A course designed with a focus on 3D Bas relief sculpture for Abstract, realism,Experimental painting, jewellery, mixed media, stampers, papercrafts, architectural ceramics, pottery and sculpture.
Instruction will include figurative, tessellation & designing repeating patterns, as well as a variety of subjects in clay relief. Artists will learn how to apply relief, texture, embellishments and accents to a variety of art projects. The focus will be on sculpting relief in a variety of materials. Clay, paperclay, air dry clays and molding mediums. Artists will experiment with many different sculpting mediums and substrates to achieve texture and relief in artistic practice.
A Focust will also be on understanding Art Materials for Experimental Painting:

Artists experiment with a variety of manufactured art products in their daily practice. Few truly understand the mediums they use and how to maximize their benefits. Understanding the materials, the ingredients and the techniques to use those mediums will benefit and enhance an artists practice. This course will invite artists to explore and experiment with making paint (watercolor, oil, conte, acrylic) textural mediums (coldwax , encaustic, molding mediums, air dry clays) and glazing mediums/other (damar varnish, pigment paste, resists -masking fluids, vaseline, gesso etc.) methods to thicken, alter and change existing paint. This class will teach the artist how to enhance experimental painting techniques and process with textures and relief on a variety of substrates. Understanding your medium can open artistic expression and allow artists to push their own process into exciting and new areas.

Course topics may include:
Understanding Artist materials
Methods, raw materials, mediums & paint
3D sculpture and relief
Sculpture -Head study , body porportions, sketching for sculpture, Design and process.
Mixed media and experimental painting techniques
Using drawing, painting, collage, and sculptural accents
Mold making for art tile, paper arts, painters and potters
Realist, Abstraction using texture
email for supply list and registration details
NOTE*****Estimated Course Costs are approximately $85.00 for a full day per student / student to bring own supplies and tools as per supply list.  Currently Registration is open for Mid March start dates in Victoria BC.

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Contact Angela Pistrucci at ph. 250-580-8884 for registration information or by email at Angela@pistrucciartworks.comImageImageImage