Gestural & Drawing Practice for the Artist

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Life Drawing – A. Pistrucci

Gestural Drawing Practice for the Artist
Click link above for drawing practice at

I am a huge fan of artists drawing from life – I believe the practice inspires and builds artistic skill like no other. Saying that I find most artists today really struggle with finding the time to attend a figure drawing session in their local area. If you are an artist that is struggling with time and  just cannot fit it into your schedule the answer is HERE:! There is a site built just for you! AND it is great for working on your style, gestures, great tips and techniques as well as lots of different drawing examples. You can draw hands, feet, facial expression, nude figures, clothed figures and animals. The page is designed similar to a figure drawing session with timed subjects in different intervals of your choice 30second, 1 minute , 2 minute, 5-10 and so on! You have no idea how excited I was to discover that I could replace all that wasted facebook time with and really improve my drawing skills at the same time!!!!


Figurative life drawing with Kaye Smillie, Anne Jarvis and Sharron Campbell


Happy drawing Everyone!


Here is some life drawings from some amazing Artists from Vancouver Island BC showing a variety of different styles –


Gesture drawing by Peter Loebel artist Victoria BC Canada

You can view his work here:

Figurative Life Drawing by Kaye Smillie Vancouver Island Artist
Contact Kaye at her email for life drawing workshops

KayeSmillie1 2014-02-10 18.13.28 2014-02-10 18.10.15 2014-02-10 18.15.14

Another amazing Vancouver Island Artist is Anne Jarvis

You can view her blog here:

drawings 2013 008

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