Golden Virtual Paint mixing guide- Link

Here is a link to an online Virtual paint mixing guide from Golden Acrylic paint website.

Online Paint mixing guide – Golden Acrylics


An indispensable guide if you are having trouble finding a certain color and need the mixing proportions- it also takes the color from a photo (on your computer) and gives you the exact colors to mix to achieve the color.

Now how cool is that?


color_chart_web-1ebdb0822fea8debe37fbb2591f94ae38BUT A word of caution – The trained artists eye and mixing color charts is still an important aspect of artistic skill building. I highly recommend not using graphs, tracing paper, measuring implements, projectors or computer programs to do your art for you. Build your skills and train your eye to see as an artist because it gives life, movement and energy to a piece. Measuring, detail and tightness will often lose a quality in your art that only the artistic eye can achieve. Sacrifice perfection and give yourself permission to explore.-PA



Gestural Sculptural Relief from Life

Just recently the Pistrucci Artworks team joined an enthusiastic bunch of artists to sculpt from the live model. Drawing, painting plein air or portraiture from life always adds a certain energy to a piece of artwork.

Here is a snapshot of the gesture sculpted from life in Relief 3hours- Models have a hard time holding poses for longer than that with many breaks in between to stretch – You need to sculpt very fast to get the pose in correctly -didn’t quite get the hand in.

2014-04-27 09.43.532014-05-02 13.39.54

A few quick life drawing 10-20mins:
20140501_2302062014-03-22 22.21.28

On my phone using the app -Sketch Guru – Artists can sketch anywhere  —


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