Gestural Sculptural Relief from Life

Just recently the Pistrucci Artworks team joined an enthusiastic bunch of artists to sculpt from the live model. Drawing, painting plein air or portraiture from life always adds a certain energy to a piece of artwork.

Here is a snapshot of the gesture sculpted from life in Relief 3hours- Models have a hard time holding poses for longer than that with many breaks in between to stretch – You need to sculpt very fast to get the pose in correctly -didn’t quite get the hand in.

2014-04-27 09.43.532014-05-02 13.39.54

A few quick life drawing 10-20mins:
20140501_2302062014-03-22 22.21.28

On my phone using the app -Sketch Guru – Artists can sketch anywhere  —


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7 comments on “Gestural Sculptural Relief from Life

  1. Love the fluid relief – the female form is lovely – amazing for 3 hours of sculpting (if I’ve read it correctly)!

    • Pistrucci says:

      Yes you read that correctly – see the hand – not finished 😉 thankyou!

      • Wow! I’m truly amazed – beautiful and so very dimensional – especially like the bent leg posing toward the viewer – adds so much more depth

      • Pistrucci says:

        Thankyou – sculpting gets easier and faster as you practice much like drawing and painting.

      • I’m thinking of maybe taking up sculpting again this summer – unsure yet – seeing work such as yours – inspires me…though I need to really work on my painting and drawing skills – so many artful choices, so little time 🙂

      • Pistrucci says:

        Hi AnnMarie – Thankyou! I hope we have inspired you! I teach relief work and I encourage creativity in my students! Keep working – it does not matter whether you are painting sculpting or drawing they all work together. – PA

      • Thanks again – you have inspired. I think I just might give sculpting a go this summer and if I do I’ll put a photo up.
        Have a wonderful weekend.

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