Alto Relief – Moonlight Sonata

Here is my recent work & my attempt at Alto Relief – Sonata 30″ x 20″ sculpted with a porcelain clay – still in progress. Current photos and more updates to come. I will be cold cast bronzing this piece so will show the process for cold cast bronzing. Most people do not realize that Alto Relief is a rare form of sculpture and one of the most difficult art forms to master and to my knowledge it is not taught in any of the fine art schools. Low relief is also more difficult followed by 3d , painting and drawing as you do not have to alter the axis for any of the elements. I believe Low relief is taught in the last year of most fine art schools after students have learned painting, drawing, and 3d. I advise every artist I know to work in all of the art forms from low relief – high relief – painting – drawing and 3d. Each builds on the strengths of the others. It is a synergistic relationship. Artists that work in all the mediums in the past became great and I believe it is because they did all of the art forms rather than just focusing in one area – Take Michealangelo for example he sculpted and painted throughout his life and I am thoroughly convinced that this was the key to his success. So I plod on ….. My Alto Relief…

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Artist residency internet link site etc.

Artist residency in Canada link here:

Here is a link to a list of Artist residency sites and information for artists interested in applying:

Considered one of the top 100 instructional artist sites is:  Here you can find a link to free downloadable Andrew loomis books if your interested.

For exceptional artist information and specifically marketing your artwork to galleries I suggest this site by Chris Campbell – artist / teacher and potter

a ‘ free to create for 11 months’ artist residency for 20-35 yr old – apply here:

‘Above all, it is a matter of loving art, not understanding it. ‘
Fernand Leger

Juried Art show – The process – Sidney Fine Arts

I recently submitted 3 pieces of Art to the Sidney fine art show in Sidney BC Canada. I am impressed and amazed at the organization and professionalism that was so evident in every aspect of its delivery. First of all because of the large number of artists that submit works for adjudication it was necessary to apply within a timeframe on a first come first serve basis. Artists dropped off artwork for adjudication on sept12th with the jurors viewing the work the 13th and 14th. We picked up our artwork on the 15th and to my utter surprise was emailed the next day (16th) with the results (accepted or not accepted). The Sidney Fine arts committee went above and beyond to deliver results so quickly to over 500 artists with over 1200 pieces of art adjudicated in that time period. What I am really excited about is the website and its informative structure. Not only does it cover necessary information but lets the artist know the complete process step by step. I did not know how artwork was juried but I was elated to find out about the entire process through the sidney fine arts website.  If you are thinking of submitting work I highly recommend artists compete in juried art shows. They force you to go further with your art than you would of thought possible regardless of the outcome of the results.

Adjudication for the 2010 Sidney Fine Art Show is now complete. On Sunday, September 12th all the entered work was received at the Mary Winspear Centre, and set up in numerical order for the following two days of jurying.

Brent LJean PAndy WOn the Monday, our three Jurors, returning juror Brent Lynch, Jean Pederson and Andy Wooldridge each individually looked at every piece and scored it on a 1- 5 scale, based on excellence, creativity, originality and technical achievement with an emphasis on artistic accomplishment. During the day, the individual scores were entered into our trusty computer.
ComputerAt the end of the day scores were totaled and ranked by overall score and variation in scores. This gave a clear view of what was definitely to be accepted or not accepted, with a small number of pieces to be reviewed again.
Jurors1Jurors2On the next day, the jurors as a group reviewed that small number of pieces to make their final selection. After that, they reviewed potential prize candidates and decided on the prizewinners. Then, on Wednesday, all the artwork was picked up by the artists.

Our jurors were stimulated by the quality and diversity of the work, and, to quote Andy Wooldridge, “gobsmacked” by the organization of the adjudication process.

In total, 512 artists submitted over 1,200 pieces of art, and the jurors selected the best 388 pieces, representing the work of 246 artists, for the Show.

Members of the Show committee will be meeting on Thursday, September 16th to do a final review of the results and check the information that will be contained in the accepted artists’ packages. After that meeting, on the same day, we will be sending email notifications to all artists who indicated their willingness to be notified in that way – which is almost all of them. The notification will advise artists either i) that one or more of their pieces was accepted or ii) that none of their pieces were accepted.

Art sites

A comprehensive list of internet sites for Artist competitions, calls for entry, marketing and juried exhibitions :
This is for the artist that likes to apply themselves in as many directions as possible all at once.
I spent hours on the computer over a month collecting these sites on my favourites hopefully they will be helpful to all my artist friends out there. If you find something of value let me know or if you are not happy with one of the sites listed here for some reason let US all know so that we can help each other.
Current information:

Book cover:  Art will be accepted through December 31, 2010

Here is a site with lots of excellent opportunities for artist residencies (with some paid stipends) and international opportunities – worth checking out and probably one of the best sites on the internet for artist opportunities.
scroll through the pages for many different types of opportunities:
For artists focusing on feminist approach and women

drawing competition:
Canadian Institute of portrait artists:  
Artist competitions and designers —
Anyone want to design a puzzle go here:
or for prints and publishing artist submissions you can check this out:
Great idea and want to be published?
Have a need to exhibit in a craft market?
For next year you can also check out one of a kind show and sale for toronto vancouver new york etc.
ART Competitions: drawing competition deadline dec31 2009
or their other competitions here
Want to be on a stamp?
A free artist opportunities site:
  artist /sculptors
Design a small teapot
Live in New York?
Portfolio space:
ARTbook :
invitation to design invitations?
Interested in tile?
Deadline for submission dec 8th (tile)
Call for artists:
Ok here is where ART and SCIENCE collaborate apparently:

Zelli Porcelain:
A national ceramic competition:
ART Fair/ shows:
Too late for this year (held in late oct) but really early for next year!! 😉
Gallery submissions
Charles cummings gallery :
For How to information for artists or anyone check out:
Would like to get into the movie industry go here:
A construction material that artists are using as a substrate for watercolor, acrylic and oil  etc :
Artist Projects to get involved with:
For Encaustic artists:
international encaustic artists – this site is not user friendly you need patience.
Competitions cont’d  added extra bonus wine label competition !!

Greenhouse gallery portfolio submission:
Greenhouse gallery 2010 prospectus for competition submissions for traditional representational artists:
Salon international 2010
Emerging Artist auction NYC

Wine labels usually held annually

If anyone has some more sites of interest do not hesitate to add them to this post. I am currently interested in wine label competitions.

internet stuff

Here is a list of competitions that I have found on the internet and might possibly enter  in november and December:

name:                        info                          website                      deadline
Artist magazine: all media competition    nov02.09
paperworks2010 northwest art ctr, minot state univ.
500 university ave. minot s. dakota                                            nov02.09
International :Big fish small teapot show and sale                   dec01.09
how do you see green?
SalonInternational2010                                                            deadline  jan15.2010

I definitely have my work cut out for me. will update as I find more sites.