Relief for Elegant Earth Glass inlay Project

Lily Pad runnerPistrucci Artworks is currently working on and experimenting with Glass inlay onto relief tiles. Some of the Relief work and a few tests have been completed. Here is the preliminary sketches, relief models and tests for Elegant Earth.

544081_10151338063247163_1129040722_n 521850_10151338036392163_1226074588_n 644582_10151338065637163_311416562_n 12030_10151338436522163_1531351971_n 556017_10151338071922163_714453537_n 921773_10151338432302163_302509515_o 914109_10151338079362163_418699293_o 904861_10151338029172163_2033248756_oCherryblossomTree




VinesLeft&Right ThreeCherryBlossoms

Glass / Relief test:





Every Artist is an Art Critic

Every Artist is an Art Critic and the worst kind!   Self Critical. Seriously now-Are you even going to try to argue with yourself in defense when the evidence is so clearly stacked against you in your favor? 
When you paint you see every mistake. When you sculpt you see every dimension out of place. when you draw you use your eraser more than your pencil. You agonize over the market, what people like, trendy colors and being sooo very different. Which turns out isn’t very different at all.
Researching, experimenting, and creating in every new medium like a mad scientist that rivals Dr Jekyll on any day of the week.  Artists view everything visually and they create an overabundant amount of uncontainable creative energy usually vomited on unsuspecting viewers. Calm down- you will get there – ART is the process not a destination because seriously you will never arrive – slow down – what you cannot do to day you will do tomorrow.  Art is bigger than any one person could ever imagine , become or see.  Enjoy your art because trust me tomorrow you will look at it with a critical eye and think wow  —oh thank goodness I am not painting like that anymore and then in a year from now your ART CRITIC will rise again to say WOW  I am so relieved I am better than last year – —-. And so it goes with every passing year you will succeed one step at a time.

The purpose of creativity is to connect with your audience not compete with your peers—

Here is a tip for the overly anxious self critical artist– Sit down have a coffee and bask in your success while drinking cappuccino’s with your friends talk about things you know absolutely nothing about. It works.
Trust me I know – there are lots of pictures on here I am seriously considering attacking with the delete button. So if you check out my blog in a week– No surprise if the pictures are gone. You will understand why. I am an artist –its just the curse.

Here is a picture that describes my artists Journey perfectly 😉 by George Takeibrilliant!