Life Drawing with Pigment Powders & a chamois 10min -20 min poses

STAPLES SCAN 2015 scan 1 Lately I have been experimenting with a new technique – drawing with pigment powders and a chamois. It has been difficult and I am only successful  for a fraction of my drawings. Here are some examples of my successes so far.


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Peter Loebel – A Master of Figurative Gestural Drawings

Every once in a while you come across an exraordinary artist that inspires you. Peter Loebel is a master of figurative gesture and his style is breathtaking – His unique drawings are fresh and lively with a difference.  He is a favourite artist of mine and an inspiration to life drawing enthusiasts and international art collectors!

Peter Loebel

Peter Loebel

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You may visit his website and blog to view more of his beautiful artworks, for inspiration or to buy his work HERE:


Peter Loebel is an artist located in Victoria, BC, Canada

Born: 1961, Munich, Germany

Solo Exhibitions

2006 Farbspiel ,Basic Inquiry Gallery, Vancouver, BC Canada

Group Exhibitions

2014 Winter Salon XChanges Gallery, Victoria, BC , Canada

2013 Uncovered CityScape Community Art Space, Vancouver, BC , Canada

2013 Member Show , Basic Inquiry Gallery, Vancouver, BC Canada

2012 East Side Culture Crawl, Vancouver, BC Canada

2012 Defining the Elusive, Basic Inquiry Gallery, Vancouver, BC Canada


Drawing from Photos vs Drawing from life video by Drawing Art Academy

“An Artist must have his measuring tools not in his hand but in his eye” – Michelangelo

Why is drawing from photos not good for you?

1.  Copying 2 dimensional photos inhibits artists from seeing objects in volume and space.

2. It prevents an artist from judging distance and perspective.

3. The artist does not think and visualize the 3 dimensional nature of an object, but subconsciously regards all objects and shapes 2 dimensionally as seen in photos.

4. By copying flat images, an artist does not make a constructive drawing: there is no comprehensive understanding of objects masses and their spatial relationships.

5. Drawing from photos forces an artist to draw from what he or she sees rather than  what one knows.

6. It stops an artist from learning traditional, time proven, step by step drawing methods, which have been perfected by many generations of fine artists starting from the old masters.

7. Working from photos prevents an artist from learning from his or her mistakes and makes it impossible to improve drawing skills by analyzing and fixing those mistakes.

If you get too used to drawing flat images you will most likely limit your ability to learn how to draw proficiently.

– Drawing Art Academy

“If people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery it would not seem so wonderful at all” Michaelangelo Buonauroti

I am an avid believer in drawing from life. I encourage artists that are interested in working on improving their drawing skills to attend life drawing sessions, figurative art classes with a live model or portrait sessions with a model.


Figure Drawing & Chalkboard paint

I have been going to figure drawing every friday for the past month or so.. It is always a hassle carrying in my multitude of art supplies. Not to mention hazardous with my hot tim horton’s coffee and other paraphenalia that I think I will need.  So I decided to make my life easier and only take what I absolutely needed with me today plus my newly chalkboard painted drawing board – I am tired of newsprint.

This works great for focusing on lights and darks – no wasted paper. No filling the  recycle bin with newsprint. So here is 2 quick examples of 10 second drawings – white on black and black on white -completed with some white chalk and a wet rag – no more black chalk all over my hands. This doubles on the backside as a drawing board with jumbo clips and drawing paper.

The chalkboard worked great for short poses 1min & 2min. I am definitely going to keep practicing drawing on my chalkboard. I think the experiment was extremely successful.

The only exception or drawback is you are unable to keep your work burt you could take a digital photograph if a drawing really caught your attention and you wanted to reference it later.

Chalkboard paint recipe:
1 cup paint any color

2 tbsp unsanded tile grout

Mix together and apply with a soft bristle brush in smooth strokes. I added texture to the surface thinking it would be interesting but it didn’t give me the results I was looking for. I am going to paint the other side with white chalkboard paint and use the charcoal – stay tuned for results next week.

A Body of Work

The human figure is one of the most enduring themes in the visual arts. Anne Jarvis, Kaye Smillie and Sharron Campbell have met weekly for about seven years for life drawing sessions. This show will feature a wide range of their resulting artworks!

2687 James St Duncan BC

Starting date: September 27th 2012   Ending: October 16th 2012
ph. Cowichan Valley Arts Council @ 250-746-1633 for more info. open 10am till 5pm.

Sharron Campbell, Kay Smilie and Anne Jarvis in the studio