Metchosin International Summer School of Arts – Faculty lecture series

Don’t miss these popular presentations. Members of the MISSA 2013 faculty will discuss various aspects of their work including methodology, practice and creative process.

Your INVITED – Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts faculty will present a series of special evening programs.  Open to the public, admission is by donation. The evening will be held in the Max Bell auditorium, Mconnell theatre of Lester B. Pearson College, 650 Pearson College Drive in Metchosin at 7:30 pm.

Lecture Series 2013 – link here –

Saturday June 29, 7:30pm

Lina de Guevara – Storytelling

Cathi Jefferson – Ceramics

Gretchen Markle – Painting

Chiarina Loggia – Printmaking

Claudia Lorenz – Photography

Monday, July 1, 7:30pm

Angela Pistrucci – Ceramics

Suzanne Northcott – Painting

Heather Aston – Printmaking

Josh DeWeese – Ceramics

Tuesday, July 2, 7:30pm

Deb Schwartzkopf – Ceramics

Betsy Warland – Writing

Debra Sloan – Ceramics

Julia Lowther – Jewelry

Lana Wilson – Ceramics

Saturday, July 6, 5:00pm

Sharron Milstein – Photography, Little Lecture Theatre

Saturday, July 6, 7:30pm

Lorne Loomer – Painting

Heather Keenan – Painting

Larry Aguilar – Ceramics

Corre Alice – Painting

Sandra Dolph – Ceramics

Dale Roberts – Sculpture

Monday July 8, 7:30pm

Vincent Massey – Ceramics

Barbara Fugate – Drawing

Shannon Wardroper – Fabric

Janice Mason Steeves – Painting

Nancy Megan Corwin – Metal

Tuesday July 9, 7:30pm

Peter West Carey – Photography

Alain Costaz – Printmaking

Catherine Gill – Painting

Tony Bounsall – Mixed Media

Vince Pitelka – Ceramics

Karel Roessingh – Music

For further information please contact:   (250) 391-2420 or email

The Faculty Lecture Series are subject to change without notice.

Figure Drawing & Chalkboard paint

I have been going to figure drawing every friday for the past month or so.. It is always a hassle carrying in my multitude of art supplies. Not to mention hazardous with my hot tim horton’s coffee and other paraphenalia that I think I will need.  So I decided to make my life easier and only take what I absolutely needed with me today plus my newly chalkboard painted drawing board – I am tired of newsprint.

This works great for focusing on lights and darks – no wasted paper. No filling the  recycle bin with newsprint. So here is 2 quick examples of 10 second drawings – white on black and black on white -completed with some white chalk and a wet rag – no more black chalk all over my hands. This doubles on the backside as a drawing board with jumbo clips and drawing paper.

The chalkboard worked great for short poses 1min & 2min. I am definitely going to keep practicing drawing on my chalkboard. I think the experiment was extremely successful.

The only exception or drawback is you are unable to keep your work burt you could take a digital photograph if a drawing really caught your attention and you wanted to reference it later.

Chalkboard paint recipe:
1 cup paint any color

2 tbsp unsanded tile grout

Mix together and apply with a soft bristle brush in smooth strokes. I added texture to the surface thinking it would be interesting but it didn’t give me the results I was looking for. I am going to paint the other side with white chalkboard paint and use the charcoal – stay tuned for results next week.

Every Artist is an Art Critic

Every Artist is an Art Critic and the worst kind!   Self Critical. Seriously now-Are you even going to try to argue with yourself in defense when the evidence is so clearly stacked against you in your favor? 
When you paint you see every mistake. When you sculpt you see every dimension out of place. when you draw you use your eraser more than your pencil. You agonize over the market, what people like, trendy colors and being sooo very different. Which turns out isn’t very different at all.
Researching, experimenting, and creating in every new medium like a mad scientist that rivals Dr Jekyll on any day of the week.  Artists view everything visually and they create an overabundant amount of uncontainable creative energy usually vomited on unsuspecting viewers. Calm down- you will get there – ART is the process not a destination because seriously you will never arrive – slow down – what you cannot do to day you will do tomorrow.  Art is bigger than any one person could ever imagine , become or see.  Enjoy your art because trust me tomorrow you will look at it with a critical eye and think wow  —oh thank goodness I am not painting like that anymore and then in a year from now your ART CRITIC will rise again to say WOW  I am so relieved I am better than last year – —-. And so it goes with every passing year you will succeed one step at a time.

The purpose of creativity is to connect with your audience not compete with your peers—

Here is a tip for the overly anxious self critical artist– Sit down have a coffee and bask in your success while drinking cappuccino’s with your friends talk about things you know absolutely nothing about. It works.
Trust me I know – there are lots of pictures on here I am seriously considering attacking with the delete button. So if you check out my blog in a week– No surprise if the pictures are gone. You will understand why. I am an artist –its just the curse.

Here is a picture that describes my artists Journey perfectly 😉 by George Takeibrilliant! 

How to make a sketchbook – VERY inspirational video

I am really inspired by this ladies work – I absolutely have to share -check it out! Her website and youtube videos – creative! inspirational and artistic! Sketchbooks are very important to an artists development and if you do not have one I highly recommend building your own as it personalizes your work and inspires you to draw!

sketchbook project campaignGet yours before April an excellent way to improve your skills as an artist.

FOr more see TrAnsIEnt ArT by Lauren Nash

Experiments with Paperclay

A few years ago I experimented with different types of paperclay (air dry and fired clay) on canvas, drywall – almost anything I could get my hands on. I have used paperclay (firing in a kiln) to repair scupture and relief with success. I felt it was a subject that needed revisiting as paperclay is being used today for large sculptural works for thinness translucency and strength. I need to distinguish the 2 main types of paperclay – air dry ( no firing required) and fired paperclay in a kiln. I have used both. Non firing paperclay is excellent for sculpting models for a mold, whereas I use fired paperclay to repair greenware and bisque sculpture and releif.

Here is some examples of Air dry paperclay on Canvas and drywall:

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The recipe for Air dry paperclay is as follows:

Paperclay: In a bowl combine
3/4 c. flour
1/2 c. cornstarch
1/2 c. salt
warm water  – mix with hands and knead until consistency of clay.
Paperclay recipe #2
1 pkg creative paperclay
2-3 tbsp wallpaper paste
2-3 tbsp water

cut paperclay into chunks  add water and paste. Mix and knead with hands until consistency of toothpaste let dry overnight. seal in ziploc bags

Paperclay Recipe for kiln firing methods:

You can use a variety of different papers and clays to get the effect you want such as stoneware or porcelains. It is by experiment and your favourite clays. The recommended paper to use is newsprint but any paper (with the exception of gloss papers) will do.  Thus ancient paper mixture allows the clay body to open up, lighten the weight and add strength. The recipe for this process is simple and easy – start by shredding the paper ( in a shredder works best and is faster than by hand) Soak overnight at least 24 hours. Next with a blender or drill with a mixing bit attachment mix the soaked paper until a thick paste consistency.  Add your clay in powdered form — 60 parts powdered clay to 40 parts paperclay.

For repairs on bisque or greenware:  Add  1part magic water, 2parts clay  mix until a slip consistency. next add 1 part toilet paper or tissue paper and mix until a smooth paste. glue the broken pieces together or with a small paintbrush paint the cracks with the mixture. let dry and sand with fine sandpaper **carefully***.

Magic Water : used by sculptors and potters to adhere wet clay together after scoring the pieces.
3 tbsp sodium silicate
1-5 tsp soda ash
1 gallon water

Spooze: (use: as above)
1/3 slip
1/3 Karo syrup
1/3 vinegar

Paperclay technique allows ceramists to create large thin forms to achieve translucency or luminous sculpture such as in porcelain. Reference: & for more information See The Art & Craft of Ceramics Techniques, Projects, Inspiration by Maria Dolors Ros i Frigoloa

A video with a great recipe :

Air dry paperclay:

1 roll of toilet paper
3/4 cup of white glue (Elmer’s glue-All)
1 cup of joint compound
1/2 cup white flour
2 tablespoons linseed oil

Juried Art show – The process – Sidney Fine Arts

I recently submitted 3 pieces of Art to the Sidney fine art show in Sidney BC Canada. I am impressed and amazed at the organization and professionalism that was so evident in every aspect of its delivery. First of all because of the large number of artists that submit works for adjudication it was necessary to apply within a timeframe on a first come first serve basis. Artists dropped off artwork for adjudication on sept12th with the jurors viewing the work the 13th and 14th. We picked up our artwork on the 15th and to my utter surprise was emailed the next day (16th) with the results (accepted or not accepted). The Sidney Fine arts committee went above and beyond to deliver results so quickly to over 500 artists with over 1200 pieces of art adjudicated in that time period. What I am really excited about is the website and its informative structure. Not only does it cover necessary information but lets the artist know the complete process step by step. I did not know how artwork was juried but I was elated to find out about the entire process through the sidney fine arts website.  If you are thinking of submitting work I highly recommend artists compete in juried art shows. They force you to go further with your art than you would of thought possible regardless of the outcome of the results.

Adjudication for the 2010 Sidney Fine Art Show is now complete. On Sunday, September 12th all the entered work was received at the Mary Winspear Centre, and set up in numerical order for the following two days of jurying.

Brent LJean PAndy WOn the Monday, our three Jurors, returning juror Brent Lynch, Jean Pederson and Andy Wooldridge each individually looked at every piece and scored it on a 1- 5 scale, based on excellence, creativity, originality and technical achievement with an emphasis on artistic accomplishment. During the day, the individual scores were entered into our trusty computer.
ComputerAt the end of the day scores were totaled and ranked by overall score and variation in scores. This gave a clear view of what was definitely to be accepted or not accepted, with a small number of pieces to be reviewed again.
Jurors1Jurors2On the next day, the jurors as a group reviewed that small number of pieces to make their final selection. After that, they reviewed potential prize candidates and decided on the prizewinners. Then, on Wednesday, all the artwork was picked up by the artists.

Our jurors were stimulated by the quality and diversity of the work, and, to quote Andy Wooldridge, “gobsmacked” by the organization of the adjudication process.

In total, 512 artists submitted over 1,200 pieces of art, and the jurors selected the best 388 pieces, representing the work of 246 artists, for the Show.

Members of the Show committee will be meeting on Thursday, September 16th to do a final review of the results and check the information that will be contained in the accepted artists’ packages. After that meeting, on the same day, we will be sending email notifications to all artists who indicated their willingness to be notified in that way – which is almost all of them. The notification will advise artists either i) that one or more of their pieces was accepted or ii) that none of their pieces were accepted.

Recent Art Activity

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Here are some pictures of recent work:

  1. An acrylic painting ‘Carried Away’ 11″ x 14″ on board
    ‘Carried Away’ Remember the day we laughed in our embrace? We lived with every moment and loved with our whole hearts. We sang from our souls , we played everyday
    You carried me away…
  2. A 3d figurative sculpture with relief titled ‘king of arts’ – a story of a boy puppeteer ‘the king’  a painter and poet(writer) the queen -a dancer and a joker- musician. A handbuilt sculpture incorporating all the arts: performance (music and dance), literary, visual.
  3. Vase – 22″ handbuilt with figurative relief sculpture in porcelain
  4. Vase-20″ handbuilt with figurative releif  for the Havanese Fanciers of Canada dog show held end of oct 2010 

My poem ‘Flora’s Daughter’ written for a painting of my daughter Bethany for the Art in Bloom exhibition at the Victoria Art Gallery and Museum has been selected as a finalist in the poetry competition held by the Poetry Institute of Canada. The poem will be published in a book titled ‘Island Mists’ an anthology of verse (National Library of Canada, Ottawa ISBN 978-1-926774-02-2).

My artwork has also been selected by the jury of the Sidney Fine Art show to be exhibited with the other amazing artists in BC October 15 – 17th at the Mary Winspear Center.

I work in painting, sculpture and drawing and I firmly believe artists should be versatile in a variety of artforms. 3d and 2d are synergistic in the training of an artist and both mediums are important to our growth and progress as an artist. Currently I am working on sculptured vases, a sketchbook project (handbound with acrylic painted hardcover), a figurative oil painting and a china painted handsculpted teapot with cups and saucers. pics to follow once I get some new batteries for my camera.

Here is a site I just found
My next challenge will be to submit to either Oil painters of America, ARC and/or  greenhouse gallery Salon International this year.
ARC prospectus – deadline dec20. 2010
Greenhouse gallery Salon International deadline jan21 2011

My most recent poem:     
The Wisest Words
The wisest words that were ever told
are not from cry or plea
shouted above the crowd
nor spoke on bended knee
The loudest or the softest breath
will not its matter make
In the still of silence is where the wisest words take place
Tis not heard at all
For in the quiet of our thoughts
God’s understanding falls
listen to hear his call