Berlin World Coin Fair 2017

 I will be in attendance at the Berlin World coin fair – I am giving a speech and my newest coin design will be on display. I will be posting lots of updates and you can find out more at :

London Mint Office

Scott & the team at London Mint Office will be coming at you LIVE from World Money Fair 2017 in Berlin next week! Don’t forget to check out our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages to keep up to date with all the news!


Twitch Creative Livestreaming Launch

HI ‘Everyone – Today at 10am till noon I am launching my Twitch Creative Livestream. Our Team – Myself Angela Pistrucci and my son Jeremy Pistrucci will be livestreaming as we create artworks for collectors and businesses. As well we will be giving away original art, prints and other cool artwork that we will make on our livestream. We will be livestreaming workshops and other tutorials for subscribers as well as guest artists.

Here is the link for you to join us today at 10am PST.

Have a creative day!!

Pistrucci ART

Berlin World Coin Fair 2107

I had the privilege of attending the Berlin World Coin Fair this past weekend February 1-4th in Berlin, Germany. The fair is an exposition of all of the international mints , suppliers of metal and coin related products, marketing and a place where antique coin enthusiasts gather to sell and collect coveted pieces for their collections.

During the exhibition my Sovereign was unveiled and is now the official Sovereign currency for the Nation of Gibraltar. I was honored to be given the place in Gibraltars numismatic history. Here are some pictures from the event – My new Sovereign and my Gr.Gr. Gr Uncle Benedetto Pistrucci’s St George and Dragon Iconic design.