Life Drawing with Pigment Powders & a chamois 10min -20 min poses

STAPLES SCAN 2015 scan 1 Lately I have been experimenting with a new technique – drawing with pigment powders and a chamois. It has been difficult and I am only successful  for a fraction of my drawings. Here are some examples of my successes so far.


2015drawing 3 2015drawing1 2015drawing2 2015drawing4 2015drawing5 2015drawing6 2015drawing7 2015drawing8 2015drawing10stacyPortrait18feb2015

Clay the most versatile Medium!

Hello Everyone,

We are starting up our classes for the September-December term and we wanted to invite you all to sign up for one of them:)
We have throwing classes on Monday evenings (Hilary) starting September 14th, Wednesday mornings (Cathi) starting on September 16th, and Thursdayevenings (Hilary) starting September 10th. We are also introducing a very unique and interesting class on sculpture and decorating techniques with our newest rock star clay master (Angela) starting Wednesday evenings starting September 23rd.
We also have kids classes with super fun programming starting up Wednesday afternoons (Cathi) September 16th for kids 8-12 and Thursday afternoons (Janet) September 17th for kids 4-7. We now have a streamlined home school invoice system so you can take it home the first class and submit it to your service provider.
We also have a short class on Hand-Building (Ewa) starting October 27th and a delightful pumpkin tea light 3 hour workshop (Tanis) on October 3.
The open studio hours are posted on our website and those of you that have an annual membership are welcome to come down and spend some blissful hours in the studio with our amazing volunteers. If you were a previous student whose class membership has expired, you can pay for a half year membership for $25!! We endeavour to have the studio open regular hours (9am to 3pm) including some class time, so folks find it easier to keep track:)
All the specific details of times and prices are on our website.
We are having our annual fundraiser “beer and burger” event at the Pub in Cowichan Bay, September 27th tickets are available from the monitors and instructors at the studio for $25 which includes a draw prize entry. There will be a diverse silent auction that night and lots of amazing music and warm conversation.
We are also doing a semi annual purge of unloved, unclaimed pots on September 25th so if you have a special pot in the studio but haven’t been in there in a while, you can stop by and pick it up or place it on the special shelf as labelled:)
We look so forward to seeing all of you again,
the clay hub collective

ps-please let us know if you would like to be removed from the email list:)

Metchosin International Summer School of Art


Angela Pistrucci & Jeremy Hileman 2012


Pistrucci Artworks will be instructing again this year at the Metchosin International Summer School of Art

Here is the website and information:

for Bas Relief workshop information –


Angela Pistrucci 2014


Angela Pistrucci 2014


Angela Pistrucci 2013


Angela Pistrucci 2011

2014-04-27 09.43.53

Angela Pistrucci 3 hour bas relief from life – in proogress photo



New work in Life Drawing study  with a Chamois,/ red iron oxide pigment powder — 10 mins.


Angela Pistrucci 2015


Waterloo 200 Apsley House Event – November 11th 2014 London England

Benedetto Pistrucci's Waterloo Medal

Benedetto Pistrucci’s Waterloo Medal

Marking the bicentenary of the battle of Waterloo

“I am often asked whether we should not now, in these days of European unity, forget Waterloo and the battles of the past. My reply is, history cannot be forgotten and we need to be reminded of the bravery of the thousands of men from many nations who fought and died in a few hours on 18th June 1815 and why their gallantry and sacrifice ensured peace in Europe for 50 years” His Grace The Duke of Wellington.

18th June, 1815 marked a defining moment in history, the day that at the Battle of Waterloo Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington, in collaboration with Prince Blücher and the Prince of Orange, sealed the fate of Napoleon Bonapart, ending the Napoleonic War and over 20 years of conflict in Europe. This day would bring over 50 years of peace and stability and decide the shape of the European continent for years to come.

The ability to command a broad spectrum of multinational forces behind a common goal was key to the outcome in 1815. June 2015 marks the bicentenary of the battle of Waterloo and the legacy of the commemorations is centred on those intrinsic values of ‘Leadership, Respect, Enterprise and Cooperation’ that ensured a new era in Europe.

“I have been commanded to strike two Medals at the Royal Mint in commemoration of the battles of Les Quatre Bras and Waterloo; One, in gold, of the largest size, to embrace
the exploits of the allied army under the Duke of Wellington the Prince of Orange and the Duke of Brunswick, and of the Prussian Army under Field Marshal Blucher. This Medal will probably be given to each
of the sovereigns in alliance with the Prince Regent, to their ministers and generals.”

Ten days after the battle of Waterloo, the Duke of Wellington proposed the creation of a commemorative medal. It fell to William Wellesley Pole, Wellington’s own brother to make the Duke’s vision a reality and he immediately commissioned not one, but two, medals. He asked members of the Royal Academy to submit designs for a bronze medal that would be given to all those who had served at Quatre Bras and Ligny and Waterloo, and a gold medal that would go to the Allied sovereigns, their ministers and generals. The medals were to be of the highest artistic merit and Pole invited the Royal Academicians to “show the world that this country is as superior in her taste as she has lately proved herself to be in the skill and valor of her arms.”

The world-renowned engraver, Benedetto Pistrucci, was assigned the task to design it. The result, the famous Waterloo medal, is celebrated not only for its mammoth dimensions, stunning beauty and historical significance, but also for the colourful story surrounding its development. It took Pistrucci more than 30 years to design the medal, but due to the complexity and the vast size of the medal it was never produced.

On 11th November at Apsley House, we will be joined by renowned historian and author, Peter Snow, CBE, along with members of the Pistrucci family, who will bring to life and recall extraordinary facts of the war that changed the future of Europe.


To order a free campaign medal ( postage required) click here: